IDEA, International Design Competition Award, is a competition among european institutes, promoted by the Ministry of University and Research.
MBVision managed its organisation: aside photo, the panel of the sponsors of the initiative.

The MBVision philosophy puts people first.
Interpersonal relationships and faith in the ability of both the work team and the partnerships are the essential foundations of how we work and produce.

Competitiveness made possible by the application of a wide range of expertise in planning and realisation, the assets of a work group specialised in diverse sectors of design and multimedia communication.

Availing of the collaboration of consultants and colleagues, to provide the complementary competence required to cover all of the creative fields relevant to communication, design, training and marketing.


Max Pinucci
Beatrice Dicci
Sara Profeti
Valentina Pala
Marco Ferracci
Emilio Gregori
Vincenza Spazzafumo
Martina Lazzerini
Alessandra Ioalè
Melania Seghi
Antonio Viscido

MBVision External Extended Team

Stefano Adami
Nadia Andreini
Anomie Design
Bulaja Naklada
Lisa Cigolini
Elena Degl'Innocenti
Giulia Iaquinta
Petya Koleva
Alessandro Lanini
Mirco Milione
Livia Ponzio
Marco Voglini