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Hypstair @ Aero 2016

    MBVision is member of the partnership of HYPSTAIR, research project leaded by Pipistrel for the development of an hybrid engined aircraft.
    Other partners: Siemens AG and the Universities of Maribor and Pisa

    The stand of Hypstair, designed by MBVision

    The interiors of Panthera was designed by MBVision for Pipistrel.
    Hhere the special color scheme for Hypstair

    The haptic power lever was developed by Univeristy of Maribor.
    MBVision was leader of the HMI development

    The hybrid engine, conceived by Siemens and Pipistrel

    The conference at Aero: from the left, Vid Plevnik (Pipistrel), Claus Zeumer (Siemens), Igor Perkon (Siemens)