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AERO2016 Friedrichshafen :: MBVision works

    The companies and the projects we were involved with our design company, MBVision, present at AERO2016 Friedrichshafen


    LX-Nav, Slovenia: we designed the stand and the brochures


    Hypstair, Hybrid engined aircraft:
    we designed the stand, the instruments for the hybrid engine, the power lever, the communication materials, the web

    Zlin Aviation

    For the Shock Cub, new extreme STOL of Zlin Aviation,
    we designed the seats, the dashboard, the logo, the stickers, the throttle, the bag and many details

    Check App

    Check App is an interactive electronic check list for aicraft and components, installed on the Pipistrel Alpha Electro

    Pipistrel Alpha Electro

    Pipistrel Alpha Electro: we designed the interfaces for the electric engine (but also the livery and the paint scheme)


    For Alisport we designed all communication materials, the web, the livery

    C2P One

    For C2P One we deigned the complete interiors (cockpit, dashboard, seats, details),
    the paint schemes, the communication materials and the graphics for the stand


    For Hypstair we also realized a video of the first power up
    (on the right: for the Pipistrel Taurus we designed the logo, the interiors, the paint scheme)


    We exposed the artworks and the book dedicated to Airships