AeroVolga is a Russian aircraft manufacturer specialising in the design and production of light aircraft and seaplanes. Founded with the aim of developing versatile aircraft suitable for a variety of purposes, AeroVolga is distinguished by the production of amphibious and floatplanes. These aircraft are used in various applications, including passenger transport, tourism and agricultural work.

Our work for AeroVolga

The Aerovolga represents an excellent expression of classic aviation, evoking a timeless and adventurous appeal. The partnership between Max Pinucci and his design studio, MBVision, and AeroVolga spans seven years. This collaboration goes beyond mere interior design and aircraft styling to include communication strategies.
Starting with aspects ranging from brand identity to product design, we helped it also offers the opportunity to explore iconic locations, such as the Volga River in its southern course, through the flight of aircraft. The origin of this collaboration dates back to meetings at AERO Friedrichshafen, culminating in the realisation of the Luxury interior for the Borey and the VIP interior for the LA-8, as well as the related communication strategy. This synergy also fostered further international academic collaborations.

Our projects

Through collaboration with the company, the opportunity arose to realise projects in the areas of transportation design and communication. In particular, for the company AeroVolga we realised projects for the LA-8 and the Borey model.


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