Future Opportunities for Seaplanes & Amphibious Aviation

Future Opportunities for Seaplanes & Amphibious Aviation

MBVision at the event

The participation of the MBVision team at an event of such international significance was a significant and rewarding opportunity. The Hilton Molino Stucky hotel in Venice proved to be an ideal venue to welcome guests of international calibre. During the event, Max Pinucci took on the role of keynote speaker, presenting a speech that explored the history and future potential of seaplane mobility. MBVision was privileged to be a sponsor of the event and actively collaborated in the logistical coordination with the organisers and the chosen locations.


The event

Held on Wednesday 20 March 2024, Future Opportunities for Seaplanes & Amphibious Aviation was produced by Quaynote Communications, experts in events, marketing and PR for the luxury yacht and business jet industries, in collaboration with Arena Group Associates.
Future Opportunities for Seaplanes & Amphibious Aviation discussed the resurgence of amphibious aircraft operations and its future role in the aviation network, inside one of the largest hotels in Venice, the Hilton Molino Stucky.

Max Pinucci's speech

In the context of a prestigious international event held at the Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice, the honour of the inaugural speech was bestowed on MBVision CEO Max Pinucci. In his eloquent speech, Pinucci recalled the indelible historical importance of seaplanes, referring to the historic competitions held during the Schneider Cup period. He brilliantly highlighted the opportunity inherent in exploring and exploiting the riches of our territories, predominantly consisting of vast expanses of water, which offer a unique landscape and lend themselves to a wide range of exploration possibilities. Through his speech, Pinucci addressed crucial issues, such as innovations and developments in tourism and emerging technologies, which promote a climate conducive to innovation and evolution. His profound and inspiring speech marked a significant start for an event of undisputed international importance, acting as a catalyst for subsequent discussions and reflections.



The quality of the speeches during the event consistently maintained a high and impeccable standard. Numerous and diverse topics were discussed and explored with rigour and expertise, ranging from engineering to tourism, from project design to financial issues. The distinguished participants of the event demonstrated unwavering commitment and attention during each discussion session, a testament to the relevance and interest generated by the topics discussed.

The event had the honour of welcoming a selection of eminent personalities and corporate representatives, all prominent in their fields, whose details and profiles are carefully documented and available on the official website of Quaynote Communications, the organisation responsible for organising and staging the event.

inside the Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice


The event benefited from the support of a wide range of prestigious international companies and corporations. Among them, MBVision was honoured to actively participate as a globally significant sponsor, contributing substantially to the realisation and success of the initiative.

press release

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FOSAA panel - 1

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