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Alinari, the oldest photography company in the world presents a journey from photography to the image. The Photography is dematerialized into images thanks to digital technologies and can be enjoyed by visitors in a new multimedia and
interactive way.
An innovative museum, a new way of conceiving an exhibition venue. The emotions of photography In a high-tech space. Experiencing up-close the passage:
“From Photography to Image”

MBVision for Alinari Image Museum

Through a close collaboration with the AIM museum, the MBVsion team dedicated itself to the design and creation of multimedia materials for the exhibitions promoted and organised by the AIM museum in Trieste. Through this relationship of collaboration and trust, an exhibition entitled “Dirigibili – Airships. I Transatlantici del cielo” was promoted and organised.



The work

Starting from what was the image of AIM, a rebranding and redesign of the museum’s image was carried out. The colour palettes were analysed and font research was carried out.

The museum had its own identity and its own language, on which an innovation intervention was carried out that would not impact too much on the visual level.

the projects

Starting from a study and analysis of the logo, the visual contents, represented graphically and visually, were elaborated through the development of the website and brochures to communicate the contents, concerning the exhibitions and events organised by the Alinari Image Museum.


In addition, graphics and covers for social media and other visual and communicative elements were designed that also involved external environments, emotionally involving users and visitors in many ways.



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