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Alinari, the oldest photography company in the world presents a journey from photography to the image. The Photography is dematerialized into images thanks to digital technologies and can be enjoyed by visitors in a new multimedia and
interactive way.
An innovative museum, a new way of conceiving an exhibition venue. The emotions of photography In a high-tech space. Experiencing up-close the passage:
“From Photography to Image”

MBVision for Alinari Image Museum

Through a close collaboration with the AIM museum, the MBVsion team dedicated itself to the design and creation of multimedia materials for the exhibitions promoted and organised by the AIM museum in Trieste. Through this relationship of collaboration and trust, an exhibition entitled “Dirigibili – Airships. I Transatlantici del cielo” was promoted and organised.

The exhibitions


“Fermo immagine” – Enzo Sellerio

(freeze frame)

Sellerio was above all a photographer of situations, an imaginative discoverer of storytelling opportunities that always involved men and women. And children. The spontaneity of children, like the adult awareness of small, exploited workers, are themes on which Sellerio’s imprint is indelible.
But Sellerio was not only this. He was also a storyteller rich in humour, who invites us to grasp the surreal strangeness of certain occasions’.

This is how Carlo Bertelli describes him in one of the contributions introducing the exhibition catalogue.

“Lampi di immagini, sul Fruili-Venezia Giulia negli rchivi Alinari, dai Wulz a Zannier”

(Flashes of images, on the Fruili-Venezia Giulia in the Alinari archives, from Wulz to Zannier)

The exhibition “Flashes of Images” in the words of Italo Zannier, was presented and exhibited in 2017 by the AIM museum. “This concise exhibition ‘Flashes of Images’, which comes from the historical and emblematic Alinari archives in Florence, an elitist place for the preservation of Italian photography, bearing witness to an evocative chronology of our identity, is proposed here as a stimulus to consider this expressive medium, a symbol of modernity and the future. Photography, as a fundamental visual linguistic tool, while it is also vibrantly orienting the languages of the oral and literary tradition.”

Italo Zannier 2017


“Trieste, I fotografi oggi”

(Trieste, Photographers Today) 

A group exhibition celebrating photography in Trieste and its protagonists.

It features contemporary authors who play an important role in the history of Trieste and national photography, such as Mario Sillani Djerrahian and his experiments from the 1970s onwards, Enzo Gomba and metaphysical photography, the portraiture of Geri Pozzar, Donato Riccesi and his eye for architecture, Ennio Demarin’s Polaroid Transfers, Adriano Perini’s landscapes and gardens Giulio Bonivento’s portfolios, Fabio Rinaldi and Lorella Klun’s inner research in portraits, Luigi Tolotti’s photogravures and pinhole photography, Massimiliano Muner’s Polaroid experiments, Marino Sterle and Umberto Vittori’s Trieste, Andrej Furlan and Viljam Lavrenčič’s pinhole photographs, Fulvio Grisoni’s Karst stone and industrial scenarios.


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