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Alinari, the oldest photography company in the world presents a journey from photography to the image. The Photography is dematerialized into images thanks to digital technologies and can be enjoyed by visitors in a new multimedia and
interactive way.
An innovative museum, a new way of conceiving an exhibition venue. The emotions of photography In a high-tech space. Experiencing up-close the passage:
“From Photography to Image”

MBVision for Alinari Image Museum

Through a close collaboration with the AIM museum, the MBVsion team dedicated itself to the design and creation of multimedia materials for the exhibitions promoted and organised by the AIM museum in Trieste. Through this relationship of collaboration and trust, an exhibition entitled “Dirigibili – Airships. I Transatlantici del cielo” was promoted and organised.

The exhibition

“La leggendaria Classe J nelle fotografie di Franco Pace” 

(The legendary J-Class in the photographs of Franco Pace)

The exhibition, organised by the AIM museum, displayed and welcomed some of the most exciting photographs by Franco Pace, who presented his 2016 exhibition ‘The Legendary J Class’ together with Barcolana president Mitja Gialuz and AIM scientific director Emanuela Sesti, moderated by Il Piccolo journalist Giuseppe Palladini.

Postcards and posters were designed by the MBVision team that designed the event’s communication and image.

In addition to the visual and communicative intervention, the interior and exhibition spaces were designed. Exhibition routes were analysed and developed, thinking about how the spaces could be used.


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