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Pipistrel, founded in 1989 by Ivo Boscarol, is a Slovenian light aircraft manufacturer based in Ajdovščina. Its facilities are located in Ajdovščina, Slovenia, and near Gorizia, Italy. Initially specialising in the production of motor-driven hang gliders designed by Boscarol, it expanded its range in the mid-1990s to the production of ultralight aircraft similar to full-size aeroplanes, with the Sinus being one of the first models mass-produced from composite materials. In 2022, the company was acquired by Textron.

MBVision in Pipistrel

MBVision’s role in Pipistrel has taken on many facets, from livery design to corporate branding. MBVision, together with Pipiscrel, worked on EU-funded projects, and at Pipistrel the brand communication work took on a crucial role for the company, which gained momentum in the aviation sector until Textron concluded an agreement in March 2022 to purchase Pipistrel and form a new division for the development of electric aircraft, called Textron eAviation.

Alpha electro

The project

The Pipistrel Alpha Trainer, manufactured in Gorizia, Italy, is a Slovenian-made, two-seat, single-engine light-sport aircraft specifically tailored for flight training purposes. It was unveiled towards the end of 2011, with production commencing in 2012. Derived from the design of the Pipistrel Virus, it aims to provide a cost-effective solution for LSA flight training, both in terms of acquisition and operational expenses. Despite its affordability, it incorporates a comprehensive airframe emergency recovery parachute system as standard equipment.

In 2015, Pipistrel introduced an electric variant of the Alpha Trainer, marking a significant milestone in aviation. As of January 2020, this electric version remained unparalleled in the market, being the sole commercially available electric airplane worldwide, except for electric motorgliders.


Various graphic proposals for the liveries were created, aiming for a harmonious communication between the design and the corporate identity. Thorough analysis of the corporate values and design guided the development, ensuring an effective message and visual consistency.


The design process of the interface between the machine and the user plays a crucial role, as it is responsible for communicating the functionality of the device in an immediate way. In the context of the Alpha Electro project, the team addressed this challenge by developing the layout of the data engine through the CheckAPP.



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