Branding Jekta

Jetka swiss is an innovative Swiss-based start-up company specialising in aviation, founded on a background of many years’ experience in the production of amphibious mid-hull aircraft.

Our work for Jekta

Through a close collaboration with George Alafinov, CEO & Co-founder of Jetka, and an important collaboration with the engineering and marketing team, we took part in a project that takes care of 360° aspects of design.
Starting with aspects ranging from brand identity to product design for the Pha-ze100 project, we helped bring the Swiss company to the forefront of the internationally renowned aviation industry.
Communication and design has been taken to a level of complexity and comprehensiveness that has contributed to numerous awards and publications in major newspapers.



The design

For the company Jetka, we carefully managed the communication strategy and visual identity. We started the renewal process by focusing on the redesign of the logo. We conceived a logo based on typographic principles, conducting an in-depth analysis to select a geometric font that could effectively embody the distinctive values of a dynamic and competent company in its field of specialisation. In addition, we paid particular attention to the colour aspect of the logo, recognising that the visual coherence and perceived reliability of a brand are closely linked to its visual identity.


Starting with the design of the logo, the visual foundation of every brand, we orchestrated a strategic and sophisticated branding project aimed at enhancing and refining the company’s communicative image. This ambitious project involved the creation of a set of complementary visual elements, carefully studied and designed to emphasise the uniqueness and distinctiveness of the brand.




During the creative process, we paid particular attention to the definition of an identifiable and recognisable visual, which spoke with authenticity and coherence of the company’s personality and values. The harmonious integration between the logo, a pivotal element of the brand identity, and a carefully selected colour palette, allowed us to create a coordinated and homogeneous image, capable of communicating effectively and establishing an emotional connection with the target audience.

The end result is a distinctive, sophisticated and up-to-date corporate image, capable of projecting a professional image and raising the company’s competitive profile in its business sector. We invite interested companies to discover how we can transform and enhance their visual presence in the marketplace, helping to build a strong, recognisable and successful brand.


corporate identity

In our approach to communication, we go beyond mere logo design, aiming for an integrated and cohesive online presence.


We specialise in creating efficient websites and defining targeted communication strategies, with a focus on clarity and relevance of content for the company’s audience. These targeted initiatives have helped increase the company’s visibility and interest among entrepreneurs and competitors. Our commitment is to offer professional and comprehensive solutions that enhance brand identity and foster an effective and fruitful dialogue with the target audience.

stand design

In addition to interior design, designing liveries and creating communication projects, we also took a central role in the design and organisation of the Expo held in Dubai in 2021, Abu Dhabi in 2022 and Dubai in 2023.


On these occasions, we designed and coordinated not only the development of the stands, but also the selection and presentation of the content displayed during these events, thus contributing to the flawless representation and engagement of the audience.



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