Pha-ze 100

Jekta swiss is an innovative Swiss-based start-up company specialising in aviation, founded on a background of many years’ experience in the production of amphibious mid-hull aircraft.

Our work for Jekta

Through a close collaboration with George Alafinov, CEO & Co-founder of Jetka, and an important collaboration with the engineering and marketing team, we took part in a project that takes care of 360° aspects of design.
Starting with aspects ranging from brand identity to product design for the Pha-ze100 project, we helped bring the Swiss company to the forefront of the internationally renowned aviation industry.
Communication and design has been taken to a level of complexity and comprehensiveness that has contributed to numerous awards and publications in major newspapers.

PHA-ZE 100

The project

The PHA-ZE 100 is a regional amphibious aircraft that generates zero emissions at source. In service that means the lowest cost per passenger possible and minimal supporting infrastructure requirements.



The conception of this project was the result of a profound synergy between our team, the company and the engineering team of the PAZ-HE 100 project. Starting the process with a detailed analysis of the interior space and in-depth ergonomic research, we came up with several interior layout studies spanning a range of variants including Economy, Executive and VIP.


Through an in-depth analysis of the different ‘personas’ involved and a thorough understanding of the vehicle’s limitations and possibilities, we defined the various versions. We conducted a scrupulous analysis, research and study of the latest material and technological innovations, anticipating emerging trends and working towards pragmatic, cutting-edge designs.

The attention to detail in the interiors, studied in their entirety, also extends to the ‘life-on-board’ experience and the various possible activities, involving passengers in an all-round experience. This is achieved through the careful use of materials, the integration of technology and a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, creating an environment that reflects the needs and expectations of our discerning customers.


The attention given to communication aspects, both through the production of high-quality brochures and a targeted strategy on social channels, raised the project to an unprecedented level of depth and complexity. Our carefully planned and mediated communication was targeted at both the project itself and the company, ensuring broad and in-depth visibility.


The creation of carefully curated digital and printed content further enhanced the project, giving it a superior dimension. This in-depth attention to detail helped consolidate our commitment to excellence at every stage of the process, thus elevating the project to an unparalleled level of recognition and appreciation.

thinking about the present

stand design

In addition to interior design, designing liveries and creating communication projects, we also took a central role in the design and organisation of the Expo held in Dubai in 2021, Abu Dhabi in 2022 and Dubai in 2023.


On these occasions, we designed and coordinated not only the development of the stands, but also the selection and presentation of the content displayed during these events, thus contributing to the flawless representation and engagement of the audience.


The project’s participation in several leading international publications has provided Jetka with high visibility on a global scale. Being involved in such a wide-ranging project has allowed us to increase our media presence and contribute significantly to the company’s growth and development, positioning us distinctively in the industry landscape.



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