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With its inception in 2014, OceanSky signifies the culmination of extensive research in lighter-than-air technology, channeling its expertise into European air cargo operations and subsequently branching into high-end tourism with OceanSky Cruises, all driven by a steadfast commitment to shaping the future of aviation through innovation and sustainability.

MBVision for OceanSky

MBVision established a partnership with OceanSky, focusing on several areas related to event and exhibition design, including stand design, content definition, branding management and corporate image development. In addition, we worked closely together 

on the interior design of the airships for LTA and Atlas. Thanks to the collaboration with the MBVision team, we completed numerous projects, involving multidisciplinary professionals at an international level.


The design

Logo design represents a fundamental pillar in the construction and definition of corporate identity. Besides the careful choice of colours, the composition and graphics of the logo directly influence the perception and impression the company conveys to potential investors and the general public. The logo is not just a visual symbol, but serves as a distinctive and recognisable brand, embodying the essence and values of the company.

In the case of OceanSky, through the development of a typographic logo, it was possible to give a distinctive and professional character to the corporate image. During the logo design process, various formal and colour solutions were studied and proposed, culminating in the creation of a logo that accurately reflects the identity and seriousness of the company.



To strengthen and enhance the corporate image, we developed high-quality visual content that was presented at prestigious international events. Among them, the EXPO in Dubai 2020 and Pure Life Experiences in Marrakech in 2019 offered significant visibility platforms. It is crucial to emphasise that a company’s corporate image and communication strategy play a crucial role in its visibility and in building relationships with potential partners and investors.


From a corporate perspective, effective communication not only provides a distinctive visual identity, but also serves to differentiate the company from its competitors, highlighting its unique values and value proposition. In line with this vision, we designed and developed the company website, ensuring that the presentation of content was clear, intuitive and well-structured.

The visual content was carefully crafted according to the company’s objectives and values, ensuring consistency and continuity in the visual identity, and always keeping the company’s objectives at the centre.


Visual and colour coherence is a key element in enhancing the quality and depth of corporate projects. In the context of communication relating to the luxury trips organised by OceanSky, we designed and produced targeted brochures and flyers. These communication tools were conceived with the aim of immediately capturing the public’s attention, highlighting the company’s mission and values in a clear and incisive manner.

Thanks to a carefully curated visibility strategy, we were able to effectively enhance and promote OceanSky’s projects and objectives, achieving a wide media resonance that included interest and coverage by major media outlets, including CNN.

In addition, particular attention was paid to the study of graphics and the selection of the font used, elements that have contributed significantly to defining and consolidating OceanSky’s distinctive visual identity, further reinforcing its positioning in its target market.



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