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With its inception in 2014, OceanSky signifies the culmination of extensive research in lighter-than-air technology, channeling its expertise into European air cargo operations and subsequently branching into high-end tourism with OceanSky Cruises, all driven by a steadfast commitment to shaping the future of aviation through innovation and sustainability.

MBVision for OceanSky

MBVision established a partnership with OceanSky, focusing on several areas related to event and exhibition design, including stand design, content definition, branding management and corporate image development. In addition, we worked closely together on the interior design of the airships for LTA and Atlas. Thanks to the collaboration with the MBVision team, we completed numerous projects, involving multidisciplinary professionals at an international level.

interior design

The design

As part of a collaboration with Atlas, one of the leading airship manufacturers, we helped develop the ‘Atlant’ project. This initiative resulted in the ATLANT hybrid unmanned cargo airship, designed to transport cargo of up to 165 tonnes over distances of more than 2000 km.

high altitude interiors

Building on the original cargo concept, we further innovated by designing a version dedicated to experiential travel, designed to offer a unique experience to passengers interested in adventure tourism and exploration. The interior design was carefully studied, taking into account the technical specifications of the airship, its cargo capacity and the potential activities that could be carried out on board.

The design process consisted of three distinctive phases:

– In-depth analysis and research of the potential and limits of the vehicle, set in a competitive context to guarantee maximum efficiency and operational safety.

– Selection and study of the most suitable technological and technical materials for the furnishing and customisation of the interiors, with the aim of guaranteeing comfort, functionality and state-of-the-art aesthetics.

– Creation of high quality graphic renderings and brochures to document and effectively present the evolution of the project, gathering the work of a year of intense development and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The collaboration with OceanSky represented a significant step forward in the complexity and comprehensiveness of the projects developed. In particular, the simulation of experiential trips to the North Pole and to different regions of Africa stimulated a specific in-depth research and development of advanced technical materials. 

The main objective was to identify and select materials that could withstand extreme environmental challenges, while ensuring comfort and safety for passengers. This focus enabled the creation of not only an immersive visual experience, but also an authentic and immersive tactile sensation, further enriching the overall travel experience and cementing OceanSky’s reputation as an innovator in the experiential tourism sector.

sketches and visualisations

During the design phase, in-depth research and accurate visualisation play a crucial role. Initially, a research phase was conducted involving freehand sketches, aimed at exploring and understanding in detail the volumes and spaces involved in the project.


This understanding phase was enriched through an in-depth analysis and synergetic collaboration with an international team of experts, focused on the definition of the environments intended for the different activities that passengers could carry out on board.

Once the most suitable and innovative materials had been identified and selected, the work was documented and presented in high-quality brochures.

These graphic representations bring together and summarise the interior design project, offering a complete and detailed view of the solutions adopted.

The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in a project of international significance, characterised by a holistic and experiential approach to the design and organisation of the airship’s interior spaces, confirming their joint commitment to raising standards of innovation and quality in the sector.



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