With its inception in 2014, OceanSky signifies the culmination of extensive research in lighter-than-air technology, channeling its expertise into European air cargo operations and subsequently branching into high-end tourism with OceanSky Cruises, all driven by a steadfast commitment to shaping the future of aviation through innovation and sustainability.

MBVision for OceanSky

MBVision established a partnership with OceanSky, focusing on several areas related to event and exhibition design, including stand design, content definition, branding management and corporate image development. In addition, we worked closely together on the interior design of the airships for LTA and Atlas. Thanks to the collaboration with the MBVision team, we completed numerous projects, involving multidisciplinary professionals at an international level.


Around the events

Among the major events in which OceanSky has participated is the 2020 Dubai Expo, a showcase of international scope that required a significant commitment in terms of design and organisation. In anticipation of this prestigious event, we developed an integrated strategy for the creation of all content and graphics for communication and stand design.


Given the importance and visibility of the Expo, MBVision paid particular attention to the distribution and organisation of the stand, with the aim of ensuring a flawless presentation and optimal usability of the spaces. In parallel with the visual content, we produced a detailed 3D scale model of the Atlant airship, for which we designed the livery and the interior design, offering visitors a realistic and engaging preview of our innovative solutions.

The exceptional feedback and appreciation received during the event confirms the success of our participation, with OceanSky’s stand shining within the context of the Sweden pavilion, standing out for quality, innovation and attention to detail.

Among the major events that saw the active participation of MBVision, the Pure Life Experiences held in Marrakech from 7 to 14 September 2019 represents a point of excellence. On this occasion, we oversaw the design and realisation of the content displayed, developing a coherent and appealing graphic design that reflected the essence and values of the event.

Another highlight was OceanSky’s presence at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits in Dubai in 2023. In this prestigious setting, OceanSky CEO Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck had the opportunity to actively participate, joining forces with sovereign families and high net worth individuals from the GCC and other regions of the world. The event distinguished itself as a three-day content-dense platform, with keynote panels, pitches, roundtables and networking moments dedicated to topics such as investment strategies, thought leadership, human capital and emerging sectors such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and sustainability.

During this occasion, MBVision proudly presented its communication and graphic design work focused on the future of experiential travel through airships, offering an innovative and engaging vision of this form of tourism.

No less significant was the event at the AIM (Alinari Image Museum) in Trieste in 2018. In this context, MBVision worked closely with the museum’s team and OceanSky, dedicating itself not only to content creation and interior space design, but also to the organisation and curatorship of a thematic exhibition on airships. The synergetic approach and shared commitment resulted in a successful event, enriched by high quality graphic content and carefully orchestrated storytelling.


from design to realisation

The success and impact of an event is closely linked to careful and detailed planning. This principle was also precisely applied in the context of the speech and discussion event held in Dubai in 2021. The main objective of the design was to ensure that the organisation of the event, the communication of key messages and the conduct of the discussion sessions were smooth, effective and easily understood by all participants.

A key element guiding the design was an in-depth analysis of the available space, with the aim of optimising the layout of rooms and scenic elements. This focused approach enabled the creation of an engaging and memorable atmosphere, ensuring that the message and themes addressed during the event would leave a lasting and meaningful impression on participants.




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