Jekta swiss is an innovative Swiss-based start-up company specialising in aviation, founded on a background of many years’ experience in the production of amphibious mid-hull aircraft.

Our work for Jekta

Through a close collaboration with George Alafinov, CEO & Co-founder of Jetka, and an important collaboration with the engineering and marketing team, we took part in a project that takes care of 360┬░ aspects of design.
Starting with aspects ranging from brand identity to product design for the Pha-ze100 project, we helped bring the Swiss company to the forefront of the internationally renowned aviation industry.
Communication and design has been taken to a level of complexity and comprehensiveness that has contributed to numerous awards and publications in major newspapers.

Max Pinucci for Jekta

Max Pinucci, as CEO of MBVision, has taken on a significant role within the Jekta team, holding the position of Head of Design and Board Member. His profound experience, fervent passion and in-depth knowledge in the reference sector have been an invaluable asset for Jetka’s growth and strategic development.

Our projects

The collaboration with the company opened the door to the realisation of projects in the field of industrial design and communication. In particular, for the company JEKTA, we managed the livery design and communication strategy for the PHA-ZE100 model, also focusing on interior development. In addition, we supervised branding activities aimed at strengthening the company’s image and differentiating it on the market.


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