With its inception in 2014, OceanSky signifies the culmination of extensive research in lighter-than-air technology, channeling its expertise into European air cargo operations and subsequently branching into high-end tourism with OceanSky Cruises, all driven by a steadfast commitment to shaping the future of aviation through innovation and sustainability.

Max Pinucci in OceanSky

Max Pinucci, as CEO of MBVision, plays a key role within the corporate structure of OceanSky, actively contributing to its evolution and continued success. Since his beginnings as one of the company’s pioneers and founders, Max Pinucci has established a fruitful collaboration with Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck, resulting in a strategic and synergetic partnership.

Since 2014, Max Pinucci has held the prestigious position of Head of Design, leading an international team of highly qualified professionals with skill and vision. This team is made up of individuals with a diverse multicultural background, boasting specialist expertise in various fields. These include expertise in ultra-large private jets, luxury and experiential travel design, high-end aircraft design, airline operations and financial management.


The MBVision team forms the core of design excellence within OceanSky, working in synergy with other functional units within the company to ensure a holistic and integrated approach to projects. In addition to close collaboration with OceanSky’s marketing team, our team has established fruitful partnerships with highly qualified external specialists.

Our projects

The projects that have marked OceanSky’s growth and establishment are extremely diverse and representative of our versatility and expertise. We have had the opportunity to lead and implement major initiatives in various fields, from the planning and management of exclusive events, to the definition and consolidation of brand identity through brand design, to the design and optimisation of interior spaces.


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