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Alinari, the oldest photography company in the world presents a journey from photography to the image. The Photography is dematerialized into images thanks to digital technologies and can be enjoyed by visitors in a new multimedia and interactive way.

An innovative museum, a new way of conceiving an exhibition venue.
The emotions of photography In a high-tech space. Experiencing up-close the passage:
“From Photography to Image”

MBVision for Alinari Image Museum

Through a close collaboration with the AIM museum, the MBVsion team dedicated itself to the design and creation of multimedia materials for the exhibitions promoted and organised by the AIM museum in Trieste. Through this relationship of collaboration and trust, an exhibition entitled “Dirigibili – Airships. I Transatlantici del cielo” was promoted and organised.


In addition to the proposed corporate image for the museum, many exhibitions have been organised and hosted within the AIM museum over the years. Among these exhibitions, some were organised and developed in collaboration with our team.

The exhibitions that have been curated by us:

  • “La leggendaria Classe J nelle fotografie di Franco Pace (The legendary J-Class in the photographs of Franco Pace)
  • “Fermo immagine (freeze frame), Enzo Sellerio
  • “Lampi di immagini, sul Fruili-Venezia Giulia negli rchivi Alinari, dai Wulz a Zannier (Flashes of images, on the Fruili-Venezia Giulia in the Alinari archives, from Wulz to Zannier)
  • “Robert Capa in Italia” (Robert Capa in Italy)
  • “Dirigibili – Airships I Transatlantici del cielo” (DIRIGIBILI | AIRSHIPS: Oceanliners of the sky)
  • “Trieste, I fotografi oggi(Trieste, Photographers Today) 

The museum

Starting from a study and analysis of the logo, the visual contents, represented graphically and visually, were elaborated through the development of the website and brochures to communicate the contents, concerning the exhibitions and events organised by the Alinari Image Museum.

For the realisation and opening of the museum, the San Giusto castle in Trieste was renovated. Once the castle was refurbished, MBVision redesigned the spaces within it with plugging and space distribution works.

San Giusto castle

The interior of the museum

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The exhibition had such an effect that it attracted the interest of the most important newspapers, which talked about MBVision’s work and the exhibition.


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